Holly A. Van Deursen

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Bemis creates exceptional packaging for food, consumer product, healthcare, and industrial applications.

Bemis has successfully completed its merger with Amcor, and the combined company is now traded on the NYSE under AMCR. Please visit our investor site at www.amcor.com/investors.

For reference, this site contains historical information only for Bemis.

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Holly A. Van Deursen

Board of Directors: Actuant Corporation, Petroleum Geo-Services, and Capstone Turbine Corporation

Holly A. Van Deursen was most recently an executive in the petrochemical industry, and has held a variety of leadership positions at British Petroleum and Amoco Corporation in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. She was Group Vice President of Petrochemicals for British Petroleum from 2003 to 2005, and Group Vice President of Strategy, based in London, from 2001 to 2003.

Ms. Van Deursen has extensive experience in the chemical industry from which Bemis buys the majority of its raw materials. She also has an engineering background and personal international experience, which is relevant to our strategic focus on technology and innovation, as well as disciplined international expansion. Her experience in strategic analysis at British Petroleum further enhances her ability to analyze and evaluate our financial risks and opportunities. Additionally, Ms. Van Deursen’s governance experience provides important expertise and knowledge making her well qualified to be the Chair of our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Director since 2008

Bemis Board Committees:
Chair of Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Executive Committee
Compensation Committee