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Bemis creates exceptional packaging for food, consumer product, healthcare, and industrial applications.

Our strategic objectives are to accelerate growth, focus innovation, and continuously improve, all aimed at delivering strong financial performance. In 2017, we launched “Agility” – our actions to fix, strengthen, and grow our business.

Our Vision is: passionate commitment to the growth and success of our customers will make Bemis the clear choice for inspired packaging solutions.



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What is Bemis Company’s ticker symbol?

Bemis Company’s common stock is traded on the NYSE with the symbol BMS.

What type of packaging does Bemis Company manufacture?

Bemis’ plastic packaging products are used to package food and consumer products, as well as medical device and pharmaceutical products. Bemis does not produce glass, plastic bottles, or metal cans. Examples of Bemis’ packaging include pouches for shredded cheese, bread bags, yogurt cups, candy bar wrappers, and packaging for liquids, hot dogs, sausages, lunch meats, fresh meats, and other refrigerated and non-refrigerated products. In addition, Bemis produces packaging for a variety of non-food items including toothpaste, toilet tissue, and pet food.

What are the benefits of flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is strong and light weight, providing product protection while reducing product weight. A lighter weight, less bulky package requires less space and energy to ship than rigid containers, and offers freight and storage space savings. Lightweight flexible packaging also uses less material than other packaging alternatives such as metal cans or glass bottles. The use of less material results in less energy required to produce flexible packaging. Bemis’ film structures provide barrier properties that can control the transmission of light, oxygen, and moisture, which protect the shelf life, flavor, and freshness of a product. Bemis offers value-added features for flexible packaging, such as clear films with anti-fog and anti-grease technology, and provides fast changes in graphics and package size to accommodate branding and shelf presence requirements.

How long has been Bemis Company been in business?

Bemis was started as Bemis Brothers Bag Company in 1858.

Who are your largest customers?

We serve a wide variety of food and consumer products companies including international companies such as KraftHeinz, Procter and Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Hormel, Boston Scientific, and General Mills. We also serve small-to-mid size companies.

I have seen the Bemis name on a variety of products including room humidifiers, garden items, and even toilet seats. Does Bemis Company make all those products?

No, we manufacture packaging. Those types of products are made by other companies with a similar name, but they are not and never have been affiliated with Bemis Company, Inc.

Does Bemis offer direct investment (the ability to buy shares directly from the Company without using a broker)?

Yes, we offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan. Please see the Bemis Direct Stock Purchase plan page in the Investor Relations section of our website for more information.

Does Bemis pay a dividend on its shares?

Yes, historically Bemis Company has paid dividends to its shareholders. Bemis has paid dividends every year since 1922 and has increased its annual dividend every year since 1983. Please see the Dividends section of this website for further details of Bemis Company’s dividend history.

When will the dividend be raised again?

The dividend policy of Bemis is determined by the Board of Directors and, as such, we cannot make projections about the timing of dividend increases. Historically, the Board has implemented dividend rate increases in its February meeting.

When is Bemis Company’s fiscal year end?

Bemis Company’s fiscal year is based on the calendar year, with the last day of the fiscal year on December 31.

Who is Bemis Company’s Stock Transfer Agent?

EQ Shareowner Services (formerly known as Wells Fargo Shareowner Services) is Bemis Company’s Stock Transfer Agent. Notices regarding changes of address and inquiries regarding lost or stolen certificates and transfers of stock should be directed to the transfer agent.

1110 Centre Point Curve, Suite 101
Mendota Heights MN 55120
Phone: 1.800.648.9716
Corporate Website: https://www.shareowneronline.com/

How can I get Bemis Company’s Annual Report, Form 10K, Proxy Statement or other materials?

You may view and print a copy of Bemis Company’s Annual Report, Form 10K, and Proxy Statement by visiting the Overview page in the Investor Relations section of Bemis’ website at www.bemis.com. You may receive a hard copy of these reports by writing to Investor Relations at the corporate office, or filling out our online Information Request form on the Info Request page in the Investor Relations section of our website.